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Project Description
There are several uploaders but no photos mass downloaders (or almost ;) ) for
So here it is now ! (C#, Flickr.NET 1.4, .NET Framework 2.0).

I first developed Flickr Explorer using Flickr.NET API wrapper to get back my holidays photos I was uploading during my backpacker trip to my local drives.
So I successfully downloaded about 1300 photos without pain ...

  • This project used to be hosted on for 2 years. From now, it stays at Codeplex :) ***

Flickr Explorer License
Flickr Explorer is released under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. You can always find the latest GNU LGPL license at:

System Requirements for runtime only
Microsoft .Net 2.0

System Requirements for developers (source code)
Visual Studio 2005
Microsoft .Net 2.0

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